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Build Fund Borrowers Create 249 Jobs

As a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) devoted to supporting economic development in Indianapolis, the Build Fund connects businesses to flexible, affordable, and responsible funding. These businesses, in turn, commit to creating jobs. On average, Build Fund’s borrowers have created 14 jobs each, or one job for every $31,000 borrowed.

Build Fund not only helps to revitalize underserved areas and drive growth in our communities, but its investment stays in Indianapolis. As borrowers repay loans, their payments are used to fund new investments and create even more job opportunities across the city.

Businesses can use the funds to buy a property, expand at its current location, or purchase equipment.  Many businesses have a greater impact on the community than just creating jobs, too.  Several businesses have used Build Fund loans to revitalize brownfield properties or renovate vacant properties. The impact on neighborhoods can be truly transformative.

To date, the Build Fund’s clients have created 249 jobs. That’s 249 people who can provide for themselves and their families, like Andrea and Aaron at Ash & Elm. Each job created with the help of the Build Fund is a success story and a step toward growing and revitalizing Indianapolis.

“Local businesses hiring local people to serve local customers is at the foundation of an economy that grows from the middle out,” says Alex Ervin, Build Fund’s Program Manager.

“These are good jobs being filled by your neighbors, family, and friends, and the Build Fund is proud to support these investments in our community and in local Hoosiers.”

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