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1704 Bellefontaine St., Indianapolis, IN 46202

Build Fund Client Profile: Tiffany Wheatley of FGN Fitness LLC

Tiffany WheatleyTiffany Wheatley, Owner and Head Trainer of FGN Fitness, has been living and breathing fitness for nearly 20 years. She’s been an athlete all her life, and her love of competing led her to play sports in college. After that, she moved on to play professional softball and women’s professional football.

Unfortunately, an injury ended Tiffany’s career as a professional athlete, but it didn’t quell her love of competition. She went on to compete in bodybuilding shows before deciding to share her love of fitness by opening her own training studio. Tiffany opened her gym, Fitness Now and most recently, FGN Fitness, which is 100% woman-owned.

Tiffany’s loan with the Build Fund helped her acquire and rehabilitate her site on Bates Street in Fountain Square.


Why did you choose the Bates street location, with the challenges of a derelict property?

“I chose the location because I wanted a rustic old building. It wasn’t originally for sale, but a client’s father owned it, so I was able to get it.

I also live in Fountain Square and own other properties in the area. I can tell that this is where the next bubble of growth will be in Indianapolis.”

How will owning your own space vs. leasing positively impact FGN Fitness?

“Hugely! FGN Fitness has been my life dream for 28 years. At another location, the rent and taxes went up and up, but nothing was repaired or fixed, from plumbing to HVAC. It is so nice owning it all. Since I fixed everything at my last location, I know what I’m in for.”


So what’s next for FGN Fitness? The loan from Build Fund lets Tiffany save money for other aspects of her gym, allowing her business to thrive and grow into the future. She wants to offer much more; from sports-specific training to working with kids and the obesity problem in Indianapolis.

You can follow FGN’s transformation on Facebook and Instagram.

We’re thrilled to have her as another Build Fund success story.

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