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1704 Bellefontaine St., Indianapolis, IN 46202

Our Mission in Action: From Contaminated to Constructive Use

In an area that was already in need of comprehensive community development, a former service station sat neglected and abandoned. The sagging structure was an eyesore to the neighborhood residents, and the ground beneath was contaminated. 

This property, however, was slated to be a first of a first. Located in the first area chosen to benefit from the Lift Indy grant, it was the first commercial project to use the funds. Due to the contamination, the site needed to be remediated before returning to constructive use. So it was very fitting that the future property owners would be a full-service environmental consulting firm. 

After remediation, a new building was erected that allowed Heartland Environmental Associates to open its Indianapolis headquarters. It was an all-around win for everyone involved. A small business received a Build Fund loan for a custom-built facility, and our city will receive property taxes at a site where no commercial activity had occurred for decades. Additionally, Heartland created three local jobs. The big winners are the neighborhood residents who now have an attractive modern building adding to the texture of the community rather than a blighted eyesore.

From contaminated to constructive use, this is the Build Fund’s mission in action. We’re dedicated to creating growth and employment opportunities in underserved areas, bringing capital investment, and developing community amenities. 

If you would like to start or expand your Indianapolis-area business, the Build Fund, operated by Renew Indianapolis, may be able to connect you to flexible, affordable, and responsible funding options for your business. Start the process now!

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