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Line+Form Opens New Studio Space

The Build Fund client, Reveal Properties acquires and restores distressed commercial and multi-family properties in downtown Indianapolis. They have a new tenant, Line+Form Art Center, in their building known as the “pagoda.”

Line+Form, founded in June 2016 by Fran Samarripa, is a community art center with a focus on process-based art. They host a variety of art classes for children as young as 18 months through adults, open studio time, art camps, birthday parties, family art workshops, and more. 

In addition to everything they do in the studio, they also have a strong outreach program. In June of 2019, they received 501c3 status for their non-profit, the Line+Form Foundation. The non-profit allows them to further grow their outreach in various schools and treatment centers across central Indiana. 

We got to chat with Fran about her new studio space and her passion for art.

Why are you passionate about what you do? 

“My own experiences with art and art therapy as a youth are what ignited my passion for the work I do. As a child, I had access to arts programming, and it shaped the person I’ve become. It gave me a voice, an outlet, and empowered me to pursue the arts as a career. I hope to provide the youth of Indianapolis with those same opportunities.”

What do you enjoy about your new space?

“There’s so much I love about our new space! The entire aesthetic is different. I love the differentiation of space we have now—with a separate studio for our younger and older artists. I love the way our design elements inside come together. It’s a perfect balance of modern minimalist but still warm and welcoming.

I also love being in Kennedy King! It has such a rich history, and I’m looking forward to continuing to build relationships in the community. My family and I live in the Old Northside, and I’m just so excited to bring a family-friendly business downtown. There are so many families residing in downtown Indy, and I hope that Line+Form becomes a destination spot for all of them.”

Is there a specific artist or genre of art that you enjoy most?

“Right now, I’m really enjoying a lot of mixed media work—which I believe is a reflection of my work in the studio. We give our students a plethora of art materials, and they go for it! I’ve found so much beauty in the unexpected moments as I watch them work. They inspire me every day. With that said, I greatly admire Louise Bourgeois. She’s the only artist whose work has ever moved me to tears.”

What’s next for your business? 

“I see Line+Form Art Center really expanding its reach in the community over the next year. By moving the studio from Irvington to Kennedy King, we are much more centrally located, making it easier for families from across the city to access us. With the development of our 501c3, I see our outreach programming really taking off, further supporting schools and educators, treatment centers and their staff members through meaningful process art experiences.”

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

“Another way in which we spread the magic of process art (whether that be in a school, museum, or studio setting) is through our conference, ProcessEd. ProcessEd is a process art education conference I founded in the summer of 2019. More than 100 educators from across the country attended—even some museum educators from the Smithsonian! It was the first conference of its kind, and I’m really excited to watch it grow and evolve in the coming years.”

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Thank you to Fran for sharing her story and for Line+Form’s contributions to the local small business community.

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