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1704 Bellefontaine St., Indianapolis, IN 46202


Before filling out the application, you must first be tentatively approved to apply. To be tentatively approved, fill out the Start the Process form and we will be in touch to schedule a consultation.

Have you been approved to officially start the application process for a Build Fund loan? First, log into your Build Fund profile, and then begin your formal application below!

1. The application must be submitted online. Contact Build Fund staff to be directed to online application registration page. Hard-copy applications will not be accepted. However, if some application package documents are projected to be substantial, then a hard-copy is acceptable for that particular document. If hard-copies are submitted they will need to be accompanied by flash drive containing electronic copies:

David Herron
Build Fund, LLC
1704 Bellefontaine Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202
(317) 602-7672

2. Build Fund, LLC reserves the right to reject incomplete applications.

3. Applicants are required to meet with Staff and to discuss the proposed project. It is recommended that a meeting happens before an application is submitted.

4. Questions may be directed to David Herron at (317) 602-7672 or at

Submit the following documents as attachments to the application.

If the business has been in operation for more than three (3) years, you must submit the following documents:

  1. Business Executed Operating Agreement
  2. Personal Financial Statement of majority owners
  3. Profit & Loss Statement (prior 3 year’s end-of-year)
  4. Balance Sheet (prior 3 year’s end-of-year)
  5. Pro-forma – projections for three (3) years of operations, including sources and uses of funds; (this can be a part of Operating Budget)
  6. Operating Budget – current and future year operating budget;
  7. Bank Statements – prior three calendar years (if available) and most recent year‐to‐date
  8. Business Tax Returns (All Schedules) (Federal and State) – prior three calendar years and most recent quarterly filing, if available
  9. Current Rent Roll (if applicable) – including the tenant name, leased area, lease commencement date, lease expiration date, current rent, and contractual rent increases during the lease term
  10. Bank Statements – prior twelve (12) monthly statements for all business accounts;

Or, if applicable:

If the business has been in operation for less than three (3) years, please also submit the following documents:

  1. Business Executed Operating Agreement
  2. Personal Financial Statement of majority owners
  3. Profit & Loss Statement (prior 3 year’s end-of-year, if applicable)
  4. Balance Sheet (prior 3 year’s end-of-year, if applicable)
  5. Pro Forma – projections for three (3) years of operations, including sources and uses of funds
  6. Personal Tax Returns (All Schedules) – Prior three (3) calendar years for all principals, owners, and equity investors.

Build Fund, LLC may also request the following documents:

  1. Tenant Leases
  2. Management Agreements
  3. Equipment Leases
  4. Ground Leases
  5. Utility Invoices
  6. Property Tax Invoices
  7. Service Contracts

The following Items will be requested later should the Build Fund Lend to your project.

  1. Business Executed Operating Agreement
  2. ACH Withdrawal Authorization
  3. Certificate of Insurance
  4. Certificate of Existence/ Good Standing
  5. Appraisal, if applicable
  6. Phase I ESA, if applicable
  7. Survey, if applicable
  8. Bank Account Numbers for funds deposit and ACH withdrawal
  9. Wire Transfer information for Borrower, Banks and Vendors

Projects may be bound to the following regulatory requirements:

  • Davis-Bacon Act and Prevailing Wages:

The General Contractor is responsible for full compliance with the requirements of Davis Bacon/Prevailing Wage laws for all contractors, subcontractors, and any lower-tier subcontractors as provided by the Davis-Bacon Wage Determinations established by the U.S. Department of Labor (provided by the Division of Housing Assistance).

*Build Fund, LLC may have to submit a Davis-Bacon Applicability Form to the Davis-Bacon Compliance Officer to make a determination whether a project triggers Davis Bacon compliance.

*Applicant should assume construction/ rehabilitation/ installation projects will trigger Davis-Bacon if federal funds are used.

  • Environmental Review Record Process (ERR):

The City will perform an environmental review of the project site per federal regulations.  This process may take 30-120 days depending on the presence of historic properties. No bidding may occur or physical work may be initiated until this process is complete. Bid documents can be prepared at the Applicant’s expense.

  • Uniform Relocation & Acquisition Act (URA):

If the acquisition or the relocation of a business or tenants is undertaken URA may be triggered.  Steps will be taken to mitigate this.

  • Monitoring:

Build Fund, LLC projects will be monitored by Build Fund, LLC staff.  If federal funds are used in a project City, Federal staff or their agents may monitor the site to verify the health of the project. Likewise, construction and rehabilitation projects will be inspected by City Rehab Specialist for project completion.

  • Timely Completion:

A borrower must complete project construction and job creation within the timeframe specified in the contract with the Build Fund, LLC.

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